Phone Banking

24 Hour Automated Phone Banking System

You have access to your account anytime using our 24-hour Automated Phone Banking System.

  • Local Access: 1-214-574-2000

  • Toll-free Access: 1-800-388-7889

Select Option 1 > And the automated attendant will guide you through the system.

Phone Banking FAQs

Q: How do I enter my account number?
A: Your account number should be entered exactly as it appears on your statement. Do not add numbers before or a suffix after your account number.

Q: When I enter my account number and PIN, I'm told to enter them again. Am I doing something wrong?
A: Either the account number you entered is incorrect or the PIN you entered is incorrect. Your user I.D. will always be your account number. When you first enter your PIN, you should enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. You will be prompted immediately to change your PIN to one only you will know.

Q: Am I able to transfer funds from my account to another account?
A: You have the capability to do so in the transfer prompt. This is button number 2 after you choose English or Spanish. You will be asked to choose an account to work with and will then be given a menu of transfer options, one of which will be to transfer funds from that account to another account.

Q: I have more than one credit union account. Do I have to hang up and call back?
A: There is a prompt with button 5 (More Choices) that asks if you would like to log in with member I.D. Simply put the next account number followed by the PIN.